Update February 2021: We have postponed our airshow event until 2022 due to the ongoing COVID pandemic. More information to come later in 2021.


For almost two decades the Plymouth Aero Club has hosted an air show at the Plymouth Municipal Airport and has entertained thousands of kids and aviation enthusiasts to celebrate aviation. This event’s main goal is to raise funds to support our local scholarship program which gives thousands of dollars to young people in the community who want to pursue various facets of aviation. But in reality, it also gives you the opportunity to visit and enjoy the Plymouth Airport and get to see what we do up close and personal.

The officers and board of the Plymouth Aero Club met this week and decided to postpone all public club activities including the 2020 Plymouth Airshow because of the COVID-19 health crisis. The difficult and painful decision was made out of an abundance of concern to maintain public health and safety.

We intend to have this fabulous event in August 2021. Team members, performers, vendors and public safety officials have been notified and we are all excited to ramp things up for next year.

If you have purchased tickets to this event, you will be contacted directly by our team to see if you’d like to keep your tickets for 2021 or receive a refund.

There have been so many wonderful improvements to the airport over the last two years, including a brand-new administration building which is open to the public (just off S Meadow Road). Even though this building is new, we have decorated it with the history of the airport and with beautiful art from the area. For the summer, there will be a wonderful area out in front of the building to sit and watch airplanes and to enjoy the food from Plane Jane’s restaurant. There are also plans in the future to make this area a safe fun place for kids to play.

We do hope you plan to visit us some time this year and to come to the airshow next summer.

We look forward to welcoming you here.

Plymouth Aero Club