Only a little over 7 months to go before the Plymouth Air Show comes to town and it’s shaping up to be a great event for all ages. We are thrilled to invite back three of our featured performers: Dan Marcotte, Mike Goulian and Mitch Buckley.

Dan Marcotte

Back for the 2020 air show is Dan Marcotte. If you’ve been to the airshow before, you’ve seen Dan – his performance never disapoints. His Ultimate bi-plane is unique on the air show circuit. This sporty bi-plane can deliver up speeds up to 250 MPH with super high G maneuvers. Dan is not only a pilot – he is an award winning race car driver, accomplished mechanic, welder and metal fabricator. Come see Dan give his high energy performance and then meet him after the show.

Mike Goulian

You’ll also have a chance to see Plymouth’s own¬†Mike Goulian¬†performing at the air show. His Extra 330SC aircraft will have a new design since you saw him perform in 2018 (photos to come soon!). He’ll take his plane to the limits during his performance with his precise maneuvers, choreographed music and narration. Michael has been flying airshows since the 1990s and is also a former Red Bull Air Race pilot, author, and an owner of Mike Goulian Aviation, which is based at Plymouth Airport.

Mitch Buckley

If you’ve met Mitch, you’ll know that he is one of the folks that make the Plymouth Airport community tick. When anyone at the airport needs help, he’s there pitching in, no questions ask. His ‘day job’ is working for Alpha One Flight Services. At the air show you’ll witness his awe inspiring RC model aircraft demos. He’s been flying RCs for about 30 years, is a Private Pilot and also an accomplished aircraft mechanic.