Aerobatics – Sky Divers – Flybys – Demos

Mike Goulian – High Powered Aerobatics

G0050349_webDid you know that one of the world’s best aerobatic pilots is a local? …and he’s performing in Plymouth this weekend! He’s been featured in South Shore Living magazine, Plymouth Magazine, the Boston Globe, and many other local publications. Goulian is one of the few professional civilian aerobatic performers that has made a career in the airshow industry. He just happens to be a Plymouth resident and started his landmark career at his family’s flight school in Bedford, MA. He’s performed for North American airshow fans from coast to coast for the past 25 years and raced world-wide in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship series since 2006 (you can watch past races on Red Bull TV or the 2018 series on NBC Sports). He is currently 2nd in the rankings. In the past you may have seen perform him locally at the historic Hanscom AFB (Bedford, MA) or Weymouth NAS air shows or more recently at the RI Airshow at Quonset Point in Rhode Island. For more information on Mike Goulian, check out

Dan Marcotte – Bi-Plane Aerobatics & Jet Car

TWS_7042_ret-cropMarcotte has performed in Plymouth in the past and we are honored to have him back. Marcotte has made his mark in racing in the air and on the ground – motorsports was a passion since he was a teen. Starting in the 90s, he designed and raced his own cars and raced on the world-famous Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. By 2010 he topped 300 MPH in his Streamliner race car. While most of his friends were working their way through high school, he had his head in racing and has never stopped. For the past two decades Marcotte has taken his love for speed to the skies. He used his racing skills and brought them to the Reno Air Races in the early 2000s. You’ll witness Marcotte not only fly aerobatics in his bi-plane, but also see his current jet car in action on the ground. Marcotte designed and built this jet car from the ground up in his shop in Bakersfield, VT. For more information on Dan Marcotte, checkout

David Martin – Bonanza Aerobatics

Martin-BonanzaStarting as a F-4 and F-16 jet pilot in the air force, Martin’s love for aviation has never wavered and he has flown and built numerous planes in his aviation career. David has performed in air shows in a variety of aircraft including ones that don’t normally go up-side-down. In Plymouth, David will fly a unique demonstration – in a Beechcraft Bonanza, a plane meant to carry a family of four on vacation, not fly amazing aerobatics at an air show. There are only a few pilots in the US to do this routine. Since the early 90s, he has flown aerobatics and competed in world competitions (he was on the same US team as Mike Goulian). As of this week, David has flown 1670 consecutive days without missing a day!  That’s 4 1/2 years of flying every day! We’ll make sure next Saturday he makes his flight a memorable one.  For more information on David Martin, checkout

Mitch & Jack Buckley & John Glezellis – RC Demo

Wingbusters-airshow1Also coming back this year are the model aircraft pilots from Wingbusters RC Club. We are proud to have Mitch Buckley, Jack Buckley, and John Glezellis demonstrate for us the wonderful world of model aircraft. Mitch and his father have been flying and competing nationally for the past few decades. At the show you’ll see a variety of RCs, including a Jet and Aerobatic Aircraft. Mitch is a resident of Plymouth and grew up in Marlboro. He is the Director of Aircraft Maintenance at Alpha One Flight School at the Plymouth Airport where he has worked for the past 11 years. He has his private pilot’s license with over 300 hours in multiple aircraft. Mitch has inspired fans in two previous Plymouth air shows with is ability to fly aerobatics with his RC Jet.


ken-middleton-1This year’s airshow will be a little noisier than in the past… the F-15C and C-130J Super Hercules will grace us with a few flybys for us to see what our local military has to offer. Both coming from New England bases, the F-15 is stationed at Barnes Air National Guard Base in Westfield and the C-130J is coming up from the Quonset Point Airport. You’ll also see the DC-3 that is based near Marston Mills on the Cape.

The air show will also have sky divers, a helicopter demo from Plymouth’s own Ryan Rotors, a beautiful rendition of our national anthem by the Mansion Vocal Band and the color guard by the Pilgrim Civil Air Patrol.

Be sure to join us Saturday for a great show. Gates open at 10am and the air show starts at noon. The air show wraps up at 2pm. There will be helicopter and airplane rides continuing in the afternoon.

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